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Why use Bidnapper, the Auction Sniper

Since 2001, Bidnapper has helped win millions of eBay auctions at the last second in a process called "sniping". UNIVERSITY STUDIES confirm sniping wins more eBay auctions.

The Bidnapper Difference

  • Bids are placed from 3 locations around the world simultaneously to ensure they make it to ebay.
  • Exclusive Browser Cloning so your bid isn't blocked with phone/email verification or captcha.
  • Typo search engine to find deals your would normally miss.
  • Unparalleled technical support.
Snipe eBay auctions with Bidnapper to:
  • Win more auctions.
  • Keep your bids private.
  • Change or delete your bids without a hassle.
  • Hold prices down by not bidding throughout the auction.
  • Bid just enough to win your auction.
  • Place your bids automatically, in any currency, while you do other things.
  • Manage your bids on several auction sites in one convenient place.
As seen in

"Hi Bidnapper! Just want to say thank you. An auction that I was really hoping to win was finishing on a day that I was traveling and I would have been going in and out of mobile range. To simplify matters I got Bidnapper onto it! The seller messaged me to say she was thrilled when she say my bid come in, in the last second and let out a whoopee for me, considering there was a lot of action, she was amazed I won at the last 1/2 second! It shows me, that even if I was able to bid, I don't think I could have done as good as Bidnapper? Thank you! "

 - F. 11/2/15

"Thank you so much. I know many people think it is sneaky to bid at the last moment, but I have found it so useful. It avoids bidding wars, and I can bid way in advance, and not have to think about it. It also helps me avoid over bidding. I decide in advance how much I will spend, and no more. I either will win or not with the amount I have set. So much more fun."

 - S.G. 8/16/15

An eBay auction sniper like no other!

Bidnapper's flat rate auction sniper service gives you unlimited sniping for one price. No percentage commission or per-snipe charge. No other costs. Pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

The Bidnapper Auction Sniper System

  • Unique Sniper Software - Our software multiplies your chances of winning, at a lower price, on more auction sites than any other service.
  • Special Sniper Hardware - Unmatched speed, accuracy & uptime.
  • Simple User Interface - Our intuitive interface offers uncluttered convenience and control.
  • Advanced Bidding Tools - Mobile apps, Group bidding, eBay Security Key support, and more.
  • Snapper - Browser tool easily adds your bid directly from eBay.
  • Email Alerts - Tells you when your bids have been exceeded.

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